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we create STANDOUT lawns ... quickly & affordably

Kuhn Lawn Service has been offering Franklin & Fulton Counties professional, quick and courteous service since 2004.


We serve everyone from busy professionals, commercial property owners, to .... senior citizens.


If you want the best looking lawn in the area, CALL US! (717) 360-2617. Our clients love our beautiful stripes and how much attention we pay to the little trimming, blowing clippings from your walk ways, driveways and porches.


Whether you have allergies, can't tolerate the sun, don't have time OR want to save money by outsourcing us to mow for you, we are your answer.


Imagine pulling into the driveway after a long day at work and have your lawn looking perfect. No fuel costs, no can even sell your mower. We will handle the rest. 


Fresh mulch application

Fresh mulch creates such a beautiful yard.


We only buy the best, most long-lasting mulch on the market.


Your planting beds are re-edged with beautiful clean lines, we can add weed barrier if you wish (most clients want this option) and hand apply a neat, 3" average depth mulch. 


River rock or stones can be substituted if desired. We are all about making your property EXACTLY what makes YOU happy. 


Our crew members are all employees, fully insured and certified. We are uniformed, will not smoke on your property and will treat you with respect. 


Latest Projects

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